At the end of the day, telemedicine will not

eliminate your need to use the healthcare system.

You still will have medical bills and have to deal

with your insurance company. Wouldn't it be nice

to have some help?

At AllyHealth, when it comes to medical bills, we've

got your back. Simply send us your large hospital

or medical bill and we'll review it for errors and then

have our experienced negotiators advocate for you.

Wish there was a more convenient ,

inexpensive way to see a  doctor about basic

medical needs? You'll love AllyHealth's

Doctors - by - Phone service. Talk to a doctor

24/7/365, as often as you like, for no

additional co-payment or fee.

How many times have you taken off from

work to see a doctor for a common

condition, wait for an hour just to see the

doctor for 2 brief minutes? Join AllyHealth

and say goodbye to unnecessary doctor visits!

Doctors - by - Phone

Medical Bill Negotiation                                         Pharmacy Discounts       

Paying out of pocket? For Rx drugs,

AllyHealth uses our negotiating power and 

industry-leading shopping comparison tools

to enable you to save big on your


Our online drug pricing tool allows you to

find the lowest price on your prescriptions

from all the participating pharmacies in your